Hardwood floor restorations


Hardwood floor restorations

Hardwood floors are very durable, but hardwood floor restoration is still essential to this floor's lifespan. It's one of the primary reasons the flooring lasts as long as it does and keeps the surface looking beautiful for many years. In addition, you'll find hardwood floor refinishing a much cheaper option than replacing your floors, and you can even change the look during the process.

From vision to reality

Your floors may have seen better days, showing wear and damage, such as scratches, scuffs, and water spots. The good news is we can bring them back to life, giving them a brand new look and feel with wood floor restoration. There’s no reason to give up on hardwood floors because if there’s enough thickness left to refinish, we can make them look like new.

But what if your floors still look good? That's a great question because not all surface wear is easy to see. There may be worn spots or a lack of finish causing problems, but the floors can still look good.



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Restoration vs. refinishing

When you refinish a wood floor, the old surface is stripped away, and a new stain color, finish, and sealant is applied. Hardwood floor restoration can include all that, plus any necessary repairs, in the flooring or subflooring. For instance, if your subfloor has become damaged or broken down, it will need repair before a new floor covering can be added.

The great thing about restoration is that we can do it right along with refinishing. It will take more time, of course, but we'll work to restore it first and then follow with a complete hardwood floor refinishing. When we're finished, you'll feel like you've had new flooring installed after your wood floor restoration.

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Joe The Hardwood Floor Guy is family owned and offers specialized hardwood services, including product selection, installation, and refinishing. Our inventory and knowledge base are unbeatable, and the hassle-free experience we provide ensures your complete satisfaction from start to finish. So, whether you're looking for beauty, performance, or lifespan, you'll find it all when you visit our gallery.

Please stop by our showroom in Tampa, FL, whenever you're ready to start your hardwood floor restoration, and our associates will be here to help you. Our service areas include Tampa, FL, Land O Lakes, FL, Lutz, FL, Clearwater, FL, and St. Pete, FL, and we're excited to work with you as well. So, share your flooring dreams with our associates, and we'll work to make a dream come true.